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Website Search Assessment

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How well is your site optimized for web searches? The Website Search Asssessment evaluates your site's ability to attract visitors by measuring your visibility within search engines and testing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) “best practices.” After a thorough review of your site, you’ll be given a report with specific actions you can take to enhance SEO performance. Recommended annually.


SEO increases visibility in search engines, which increases your discoverability among visitors. A search engine’s goal is to deliver relevant results for its searchers – in other words, to help them find what they’re looking for. Search engine optimization is a process performed by website creators to increase website visitor traffic and, more specifically, to make it easier for the site to be found by the people who are looking for what the site offers.

The Website Search Assessment shows you how well your site is achieving this goal by testing the SEO performance of your home page and top-level secondary pages in these areas:

Domain – Tests in this area include the effectiveness of your domain name for memorability (people) and marketability (search engines); how well key words influence search engine page rank; whether your site is in search engine indexes; and how it ranks in search results.

Content – Your pages will be evaluated for meaningful and substantive content. Among other areas, we’ll take a look at page titles, page descriptions and keyword positioning within content.

Links – We’ll thoroughly evaluate internal and external links and the impact these links have on search engine ranking.

Navigation – Did you know that the navigation structure (menus and links) affect a search engine’s ability to the pages of your site? We’ll review and test navigation structure, content organization and other components.

Code Standards – Most E-zekiel customers don’t see the code that underlies the content management system, but it still has an impact on SEO, especially within custom designs. We will show you tests of the quality of the code in multiple areas.

Robots Control – We’ll measure your site’s ability to communicate with search engine crawlers, also known as robots.


After the assessment is complete, we'll send a comprehensive report with a simplified task list containing the next steps and our customer support contact information in case you have questions or need assistance completing them.

Though we can't guarantee that you'll be showing up in first place, or even on the first page of search engine results for any particular search, we can say that the results will be noticeable, and will consistently get better over time. Better performance in searches means more site visitors.

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