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Upcoming Events for Finestra

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You put a lot of work into planning your activities and events, and they deserve to be promoted on your home page – right where site visitors can see and learn more about what’s coming up. Now, with the Upcoming Events panel, you can automate that process so it’s always fresh and looks great.

Enrich your site’s appearance.

The Upcoming Events for Finestra Easy Panel is designed to perfectly blend and enrich the look of your Finestra themed website. From colors and fonts through details like spacing and graphics – they all work together to make your website a better place to visit.

Fresh content always displayed.

The Upcoming Events Easy Panel pulls all its information directly from your Events manager, so it’s always up-to-date and always displaying your next events without you lifting a finger to maintain it.

Created for display flexibility.

Let us know how many events you prefer to have displayed – one, two, three, or more, up to ten – and while we’re personalizing the Upcoming Events Easy Panel for you, we’ll set it for you. You can update it later if you decide you’d prefer to show more or less.

Additionally, let us know if you’d like to show each event’s summary in full, abbreviated, or not at all, offering you flexibility in how much detail is shown and the total area the panel occupies.


This panel fits best in the wide column of your website.This easy panel works well in the wide column on any page of your website (shown in green).

What comes with this easy panel.

When you order this easy panel, we will configure, install and place the panel on your website. Once placed, site visitors will see a list of the next events listed from your Events manager (set to guest level access). In addition, visitors can click on any of the listed events to access the events’ detail page.

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