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Increase awareness of your blog, podcast or news feed by placing the Recent Posts Easy Panel on frequently visited pages in your site – like your home page. Visitors will see your latest posts – without any additional work for you to do.;

Build your blog’s audience.

Adding your most recent posts to your home page can significantly increase your blog’s exposure. Plus if you’re podcasting, visitors can listen to your most recent posts without leaving the home page.

Connect better with visitors.

Placing your most recent posts in the direct path of first-time site visitors can help them connect with you on a more personal level – which also increases the chances that they’ll return again and again.

Always Up-to-Date

As you publish new posts from the Syndication manager, the Recent Posts Easy Panel will update as well – so your visitors always gets your most recent posts without any additional work on your site.

Custom settings for custom needs.

We’ve pre-configured many additional settings for you. If you have a custom need, you can access and edit the additional settings once the panel is installed. These include showing/hiding the date, different ways to display the date, and the ability to change link labels.


This easy panel works well in the wide or side column on any page of your website.This easy panel works well in the wide or side column on any page of your website (shown in green).

What comes with this easy panel.

When you order this easy panel, we will configure, install and place the panel on your website. Once placed, site visitors will see a list of the most recent posts listed from your Syndication manager (set to guest level access). In addition, visitors can click on any of the listed items to access the post.

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